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What is JOMO?

The word JOMO is the acronym for Joy of missing out, in contrast to the FOMO (Fear of missing out), understood as the joy of disconnecting from the Digital world (and not only) to devote more time to oneself, in doing activities far from the Smartphone, perhaps preferring a walk, a trip alone, an evening with friends, etc. The New York Times wrote the first article on JOMO in 2018, quickly becoming a Trend and soon also a Style and Mission of life. Go Jomo Go !

Jomosophy's Mission

Our aim is to build and share together a new model of New Humanity , based on the awareness of real personal experience, first of all listening to one's needs, to concretely improve our daily lives.

The responsible use of Social Media and the Internet is another JomoMission , in which we invest in the quality of these tools, but recovering more time in finding ourselves to enhance the uniqueness that is present in each of us!

Il migliore amico dell'uomo
Image by Helena Lopes

Who We Are

We are an opinion and entertainment blog on personal growth, mindfulness, neuroscience and psychology, designed to inspire people to improve their lives and who intend to start a healing journey with the J OMO-PHILOSOPHY of "less is more". The Jomo / platform is therefore an aid to Dreamers scattered everywhere, who want to change the world for the better, starting from themselves, through the mind, but also from the body and spirit for a conscious and connected community.

Jomo Style

The JOMO lifestyle is for all those who intend to find themselves to finally be happy, rediscovering the little great joys of life. The Jomo Style arises from the need to disconnect from the modern world every now and then, (without however becoming a fugitive) to enter a broader perspective and a deep connection with oneself.

Every day, rejoice in missing something and finding yourself again!

Reaching Out al Sole
Image by Ross Findon
Image by Aleks Marinkovic
Image by Max van den Oetelaar

About Me

Uomo astratto


Co-founder / Editor / Visual Design / Inspirational

First of all, I am a DREAMER, a conscious thinker and a truly passionate about life through beauty and simplicity of little things. As a believer, I am still confident that a better world is possible for each of us ...

But we have working to work out all together, NOW.

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