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A New Year has begun. And resolutions are undoubtedly a way to face ever greater challenges with determination and renewed confidence. But never before has an unexpected ally come to our side as in 2022: patience, which can become the key to both individual and global awakening.

The message on the meaning of Patience and hope sent by Channeler Marika Moretto on 12 December 2021, comes at just the right time. At a time when people are very afraid of the future and find it hard to regain some of the forgotten serenity, they gradually abandon themselves to the deepest, darkest darkness of the mind without any real reason.

As Channeler Marika Moretto herself suggests, approaching the heart and listening to it, and preparing for the new that will come, with trust, openness and above all patience, is the best way to finally face the shadows that attack us in order to rediscover the light that lives within ourselves. The shadows, too, can in their own way become our friends if we welcome them, but patience is perhaps the only one now that can help us make the leap into the fifth dimension. The keystone that assists the individual and the collective for a great spiritual awakening. Patience is:

  • A truly precious gift, which is at our total disposal. An infallible weapon and a sincere and loyal ally, "waiting" for our first step: to help us open our hearts.

Here is his important and very powerful message, so that you can make it your own throughout 2022, (even if it has just begun under uncertain stars) it can become a decisive year for all of humanity.

At JOMOSOPHY, WE firmly believe that patience training is a possible way forward and should be tried immediately. It's a natural tool and a very high standard of innate technology, better than any other kind artificial machine already available for mankind, today.So don't hesitate, and rely on the powerful words of this message, which moves through space and time, helping everyone to heal and no longer be afraid of the dark.

This is our greatest wish for you in 2022.

If you want, you can also listen to her beautiful message here in Youtube. (but it's available in Italian language only)

Patience is an accelerant of the fourth dimension. To go even higher, to higher vibrations, into the Fifth Dimension, then I ask you:
At this time in your life, do you often find yourself coming to terms with this state of mind, patience? Certainly, it is without fail. And everything around you puts you on hold and gently tells you: wait, stay there. Wait for the next step. Stop. It is not yet time. The time has not come. If this happens to you often, then I have to tell you, it's fantastic!
The greatest gift you can receive right now. The most useful for you, for your evolution. Because if you find yourself in this mode, then know that your mission is unfolding.
It is extraordinary. It is telling you who you are and what you are becoming.
The soul speaks to you through intuition and gives you notions, continuous suggestions as to what your life could become; they are fragmentary indications, scattered here and there, which still keep you from a clearer vision of what your task here is, of what your manifestation is, your realization within the new energy, and therefore in the new world. Listen carefully to what I am telling you: everything that the soul suggests to you is simply a part of the journey that you are making, but which you do not yet see clearly.
Why am I telling you this? Because the mind must be demolished. Completely. And that's exactly what patience is for. And by mind I mean the constant inner dialogue that obstructs and diverts your attention from the present moment.
Thoughts take you away from reality. The new energy is the here and now. You have to understand this.
How to make silence within yourself? Meditate. In silence, learn to give attention to the present.
Attention is a training, it must be cultivated. Or meditate actively. And then do what you like. Savor matter to the smallest detail, enjoy matter, in physicality and in the heart, in creativity, in beauty. Become an artist in your every gesture, expand the child's play within you and transform every moment into joy, into fun and where it seems difficult to do so, simply relax and observe, experience what is happening with acceptance, with serenity, in openness. In this attitude everything will become more fluid, more clear. Surrender to it.
Does life always bring you back the same situations? It means that you still reject them. Accept them as part of you that you do not yet understand. They will vanish and never return. The more you oppose the teachings that come through situations and people, the more intense they will become. Until you lower your head and your ego finally bends.
Don't you want to do that job? Yet it comes up all the time. It is the only one for you at that moment. Here is your challenge. Take this opportunity. Accept it. If you resist, it means that inside you there is a wound that you have to heal. Where you are most stubborn, there is something you have yet to understand. Perhaps a great opportunity for your evolution. Where life holds you down, there is a lesson to be understood and you don't proceed until you have integrated it. That's why this world is a perfect school. When you feel stuck, try to change your attitude and you will see that everything moves.
Live softly, flow. then the soul expands and takes you with it. Root yourself in matter. In this way you can ascend into the fifth dimension.
There must be a balance of heaven and earth within you. Not too high and not too low. Not too divine and not too earthly. But both, in harmony. Nourish your body through exercise, sport, dance and any activity that allows you to lighten up and vibrate. This helps you feel good in density and thus break down your resistance.
The new energy belongs to the heart and the heart lives only in the present. The heart has no expectations, it does not think. It lives in attention and contemplation without judgement, in openness, because what it is observing at this moment is important, it is indispensable. It is the only thing that counts. It is what he is creating at this moment that gives him joy. The heart has no reason to think because this present moment nourishes it.
Feeding him is enough. Here is the new world.
And that is why patience becomes your greatest ally. In patience, your mind surrenders, it is forced to surrender. The more you resist, the more you put up walls and resistance. The more the new world will try to break you down. It will push you away from what you desire. Simply to soften your rigidity. You will be tested for your own good, for your highest good, a test of love that is born of love for you and knows exactly where to lead you while you do not yet know, but you will find out when you stop asking and protesting. Surrender.
Any fixation has to be transformed. The old energy has forged you in pain and taught you that to get what you want, you have to fight, and to get it you have to be tenacious, stubborn and challenge everything that denies you your possibilities.
The new energy, on the other hand, reassures you and says: let go, be light, be docile, let me accompany you.
The more you let yourself be guided, the more I will transform your world. I will transform you into that which you do not yet see but which you perceive; you know what I am talking about. Even if it is not yet clear to you. Your mind wants answers immediately and does not want to wait. Your mind stamps its feet like a child. Here, then, patience is your chance, to give that child the playfulness of wonder. This is what the new energy is all about. It wants to surprise you and rest assured it will do so again and again if you allow it.
Give up control because you cannot and should not dominate events; leave the reins to the old world. You no longer need them now, because you are entering a reality that supports you.
Get used to being fed, cared for, guided, facilitated in everything. Convince yourself that every event in your life is of utmost benefit to you. Do not have any worries. What you call problems are only occasions to make you let go, because around the corner there is already a solution, ready to reveal itself to you, but it only does so when you surrender, when the ego falls, live as if everything were a game, because it is, it really is.
If you search stubbornly for answers, you will not find them. Instead, give thanks in advance as if they were already in your pocket, as if you already had everything you wanted, because that is exactly how it is.
Your mission, your project is already happening, in front of you, because everything is ready, but to see it, to touch it, take a breath and let what needs to happen happen happen. Simply. Miracles are extraordinary events for the old world, but for the new one they are the only possible way.
By Marika Moretto (The Great Awakening Channel at Youtube)

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