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Aggiornamento: 24 mar 2022

Spring is first and foremost the season of love, vibrant colors and the first flowers to bloom. A becoming that changes shape quickly. Let us rediscover in the season of feelings the rebirth of ourselves, as part of a ONE to which we have always belonged. Here are 5 practices not to abandon this spiritual path.

In these uncertain times we are living through, we need more than ever to revitalize our bodies and minds. And we can do this with the help of the new season, Spring time. We therefore need a plan, or rather a Plan P (P= Spring), to introduce new habits into our daily lives and exactly at this unique time.

In general, we know that repeating a certain action for a certain period of time then turns into a habit, to the point that we perform it automatically. Using such a strategy, i.e. 'repetition', having first decided to change some 'bad habits', is like a breath of fresh and healthy air, even if shortly afterwards inner conflicts come into play and the old habits return. So, how do we proceed so that the new habits are accepted in depth for a real awakening and to return to living in simplicity and feel charged with new energy in response to the future challenges that await us?

Living the experience in the present

"If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present."
Lao Tzu

First of all, the most difficult phase, which I also experienced with this idea of changing my habits, is to try to stop the old habit without the use of effort or internal conflict.

The first idea is in fact to learn to accept the old habit without resisting it. The second is to push through all the thoughts that are in the way of acceptance to let go of the old habit. At this point, observe the thoughts carefully without making any judgements or memories that alter them. But this whole process needs time, let me be clear. And willpower. The remarkable thing is that even if only for a second, as soon as you observe that habit carefully, you will realize that it does not take place and is already far away from you, because your mind is on alert now.

The process I have just listed above is known as the technique of Observation or Focus, but we will come back later to talk about it and experience this extraordinary mind control technique. For the time being, I recommend a few texts, from which I took inspiration in the first periods of practice, which helped me to understand that Awakening is indeed possible at any time, if we wish. And spring, even for the laziest ones, becomes the best occasion to throw oneself into this extraordinary adventure, which is the present life. So here are my favorites on the subject of Focus and Rebirth. You choose:

Go where Spring takes you

"Spring is that time of year when it is summer in the sun and winter in the shade."
Charles Dickens

However, feeling the arrival of spring in your heart is not something to be taken for granted. And although the vibrations of nature are always present and all around us, we unfortunately do not see them and therefore do not experience them.

It is therefore worth emphasizing that during the change of season, learning to observe nature as it transforms and takes on color is a very spiritual action in itself. As in Susanna Tamaro's beautiful bestselling novel "Go where your heart takes you" of 1994, in which the author insists on a precise passage: "Be wary of everything except what your heart tells you", the intention is precisely that, namely to: fidarsi dell'intuizione per raccogliere più informazioni possibili dalla Bellezza della Natura;

  • to remember that Spring comes back every year to revive seemingly dead trees and to stir all animals to come out of their hibernation to enjoy the fresh, regenerating air;

  • Waiting for its arrival is also a way of surprising ourselves by discovering that the hopes we had raised during the darkest moments and during the winter were not lost causes, but rather opportunities that would only flourish at the right time.

Therefore, following the magical dynamics of the rebirth of Spring is like following the rebirth of each person, who patiently rediscovers himself, a little piece at a time, strengthening his awareness, patience and love. In this regard, there is a really beautiful book, entitled "Alchimia selvatica", by the witness of the woods, Michele Giovagnoli, which is about a real practical path and interaction with the cyclicality of the seasons; for those who wish to experience and contemplate nature and with the aim of expanding their perceptive and sensitive soul to the divine within us.

Recognizing your precious moments every day

"Admire the beauty of the world: it is the first step to purify the mind".
Amit Ray

So let's see what are the 5 practices that help us to live our days with greater awareness in this difficult period and that can become our new idea of living life in the near future.

  1. Live your day simply Try to appreciate it as much as possible. Breath is the simplest and truest thing we all possess; we observe our breath, which comes and goes, and without trying to change the timing of the entry and exit of the breath. The ideal time for this practice is definitely in the morning, when we are just waking up, but not yet out of bed. Try it for just 5 minutes.

  2. Connect to your heart. Close your eyes and for about 5 minutes, put your left hand to your heart, imagining yourself in the midst of the people you love and who love you. If negative thoughts about yourself or the people you love come up, try to observe them and then try to send them away, as if they were balloons that you let fly away into the sky. This exercise will make you feel lighter!

  3. Connect to your mental side. Without being disturbed by smartphones or people in the vicinity, immerse yourself in reading a good book. Even 10 minutes is enough. If you have more time, take up another type of reading, which will help broaden your view of things, perhaps of the same topic you are interested in. Also, focus on the story, as if a friend who wants to confide in you is telling it to you. It will be an unprecedented read!

  4. Listen to your body. Here too, just 10 to 15 minutes a day through a good stretching workout is enough. Use an app so you don't get the exercises wrong. I recommend LUMOWELL, (with lots of video tutorials on Youtube) which in my opinion is the best both for those starting out for the first time but also for those already trained. It takes perseverance, especially at the beginning, and even 4 times a week is enough, but you'll see that the body will not be able to do without it ... Believe me!

  5. Be inspired by the desire to always improve. This is more of a general recommendation, which is fundamental to achieving your goals and 'not giving up' in the face of the various obstacles that arise throughout life. An ideal exercise is to not give too much importance to your own judgement of things and people, or rather consider all options but do not dwell only on the negative aspects and keep your critical sense of yourself in check.

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