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Our relationship with Technology has undoubtedly changed from the past. Now, we need the best investment to make. And that is in ourselves, but always with digital support.

In the definition of the term technology, as Brunello Cucinelli also understands it, i.e. as an extraordinary tool for acquiring new information in order to improve both individual and collective performance, a new predominant idea of its meaning now intervenes: namely that the presence and full centrality of technology influences in the long term people's attention spans in everyday life. For example, in the case of the smartphone, it represents a veritable extension of oneself and one's body, which relates especially to young people, who can no longer do without it. (both for study and, above all, social reasons).

"Technology is a great thing. It has always had a revolutionary power and I have never been afraid of it... but today, more than ever, it is important not to be afraid of technology.
It is better to remain human, to preserve confidentiality, to preserve spaces of 'NON-connection'.
Brunello Cucinelli - Italian Fashion Manager

In this regard, it is interesting to analyze the vision of life that the brilliant Italian entrepreneur communicates in his work "Il sogno di Solomeo" or 'The dream of Solomeo', (available only in Italian Edition), in which in order to achieve the dream, it is important to use the help of technology on the one hand, although it is more decisive to "rely on the ancient masters and the curiosity to appreciate simple things in order not to be afraid of the future, relying on our human strengths, such as silence and the immense opportunity to be disconnected".

The Digital Detox philosophy

The visionary Cucinelli, fashion designer and entrepreneur, with his curiosity, his respect for beauty and nature, and his life's mission to keep alive the rural and philosophical wisdom acquired during his busy life, is the perfect example to understand some points of the so-called Digital Detox philosophy, resulting from the increasing use and abuse of Devices and Social Networks.

But what does Digital Detox mean in short?

  • The term Digital, stands for "internet world" (in particular it stands for Social Networks), while Detox, means detoxifying. So the final meaning will be translatable as "Detoxing from the Internet".

Yes, if we think about it, we are all a bit intoxicated by our daily use of the various devices at our disposal. Between checking e-mails at work, various personal messages and notifications on Whatsapp, then Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, the day is already over because time has flown by so quickly. But don't worry, there is a solution to everything. And you don't have to bury your smartphone to be cured of the so-called Social Addiction, but just use common sense with some strategies or small rules that will certainly help us gain time and... health. health!

First of all, you need to understand your level of addiction.

There are also apps such as Moment and Quality time, which calculate the time you spend on the phone.

Here are some practical examples to help you change course immediately and no longer feel like a 'slave' to your smartphone, such as:

  • Turning your smartphone away or off 30 minutes before going to bed;

  • Dedicating a certain amount of time (and only that amount) during the day to the use of various social networks;

  • Using Free zones outside, where you can spend time in real life with family and friends, without checking your smartphone;

  • Calculate the time spent on Social and Smartphone with ad hoc applications (e.g. Quality Time, Moment);

  • Use aeroplane mode while working and clear notifications from your smartphone.

The above are all small aids that can be turned into good habits, if you put the right amount of willpower into them, and will certainly give you a feeling of greater individual freedom afterwards. But we first need to gain awareness in order to relish 'real' life again without the obsession of Smartphones and other things.

Learning to consciously disconnect

The most serious risks associated with the abuse of the internet and various technological devices in the long term are:

  • The Social/Smart Addicted (or Internet Addiction);

  • Hikikomori or isolation and withdrawal from social life, refusing all human contact.

But the good news is that such phobias can always be prevented, both with the help of a specialist and of family and friends who care about our happiness and health. Let us remember, however, that we must not delegate the problem to others: it is only we, the first ones, who can realise the level of a possible "addiction" to the Internet; being brave and not embarrassed is therefore the FIRST STEP, towards a path of greater awareness and desire to disconnect in order to get back to knowing real people and situations.

Learning to disconnect consciously is also the cardinal principle of our Blog, in which we find the keyword JOMO, which concerns precisely the CONSCIOUS disconnection from the digital world and the frenetic world, in order to find a deep "space of connection" with oneself, and which is found within a path of spiritual, physical and mental transformation.

All this is accompanied by a so-called "Good JOMO Times", of which we are proud proponents with our blog dedicated to the art of JOMOSOPHY and which mainly expresses the desire to:

  • to live our moments of disconnection and positive solitude to the fullest;

  • to be able to say no and choose our digital and non-digital priorities;

  • to train ourselves to regain ourselves through a better use of our time, with daily meditation and a desire to relish real life and not just virtual life.

Regain your time

In order to get out of the loop of obsessive control by smartphones and social networks, we must first take back the 'space and time' in which we were connected and direct it elsewhere.

Even if, in times of Covid19, the problem regarding Internet addiction has obviously increased a lot; as the only window on the outside world, the Internet has in fact also turned out to be the only anchor of answer to a historical moment, which is still difficult to understand.

And so, we ask ourselves now more than ever, how it is possible to "detoxify" from the Internet, right now, when its precious help (of the Internet) has revealed to everyone a new sense of community in being always connected, together and everywhere.

We repeat, we are not against digital technology, on the contrary, but we are certain that in order to make the best use of it, (we follow Brunelli Cucinelli's thinking), we need a dose of responsibility and awareness to grasp its most interesting aspects, in order to improve ourselves without succumbing to Smartphone anxiety and stress.

To achieve the dream, it is important to take advantage of the help of technology on the one hand, although it is more crucial to rely on the ancient masters and the curiosity to appreciate simple things so as not to be afraid of the future, relying on our human strengths such as silence and the immense opportunity to be disconnected; also to make ourselves custodians of nature and the gifts that other men have left before us for the planet.."
Brunello Cucinelli

An idea to reconnect with ourselves and at the same time live a memorable experience without Smartphone, unique in its kind, with more quality and not quantity, could be that of a DIGITAL DETOX HOLIDAY, intended as a rediscovery of ourselves and others.

Camp grounded, a wonderful Digital Detox Vacation project created by two friends from a Californian College in 2013, calls to mind "a real sense of fun among people in unspoilt nature, where Smartphones are not allowed". And the slogan is very clear and interesting: 'when you disconnect, you reconnect with yourself.'

But you just have to stay nearby (in Italy), to experience a No Digital holiday, where company is the fundamental part of the trip; maybe a vintage camera (that works!), the rental of a Scooter Vespa, and a tent to sleep in, and you live the experience in the moment, in a sincere and priceless way. The Smartphone can be used, but only for real needs: for the destination, it is better to use an old map that can be opened and closed, which is so explorer-like!

The 5 actions that reconnect you to the source (really)

So here we are summarising our best "Jomo Moments" #bestgoodjomotimes, (or happy moments for ourselves) which we are sure will also become the new trends for summer 2021, but not only:

  1. Surrounded by physical real people (and not walking phones). It may sound like an understatement, but being around people really does us good and makes us better (always). In listening to each other, we also activate our other senses while in communicating, we offer our own view of the world, learning from each other's perspectives as well. So, let's go out and interact with grace, and actively listen to everyone we meet.

  2. Walk of discovery in the woods or by the sea (where it doesn't pick up or go out). Seeking out unexplored places, where the signal is poor, is a great tip for living in the moment and enjoying nature to the full. There are no apps or social networks here; the best thing is to tell your friends and family about your short adventure of discovery.

  3. Surrounded - if you can - by children and/or furry puppies (they are your best friends against social obsession and anxiety). It's a well-known fact that being around babies and children in general makes time fly by and you have a lot of fun, even if it can be tiring at first. Both are great stress relievers. And to your surprise, you will forget in no time where the Smartphone went!

  4. Travel/be curious by living in the moment (without posting every second of your experience on Instagram). Every place reconnects you deep down, if you will, as Confucius also said: 'Wherever you go, go with all your heart'. Travel moves the mind and spirit, as does curiosity, which can make a man more complete, where "a destination is never a place but a new way of seeing things". (Henry Miller)

  5. Enjoy 15 minutes a day of Total Silence (perform real inactivity on a regular basis). The feat may seem epic, because we are used to living on the run and surrounded by constant noise, if you think about it. But being able to unplug completely is possible: find a place where you will not be disturbed and remain silent (unplugging any kind of device) for about 15 minutes. Try not to fall asleep; you can count your breath with your eyes closed and let yourself go. To start finding yourself, the secret is to love yourself: choosing to listen to silence instead of Smartphone notifications will be a healthy, spiritual and trendy action. And you will see that you will love it so much that you will never go back to picking up your Smartphone!

JOMOSOPHY's Recommendation :

"Il sogno di Solomeo", by Brunello Cucinelli, 2018


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